Our Story

How it all started. . .

In 1956 Miracles of Faith started with a woman who only knew how to be real.  Opha Carney actually was ahead of her time as one of the few female pastors in the area.  Not only did she preach The Word with fire but she also served area families with love by bringing them food.  God's  Word over her ministry was "It will be streams of living water flowing out to the four corners of the world."  Those corners have been and are still being reached today.  Sister Carney is a faith giant and we stand tall on her shoulders.
In the early 70s Pastor Pat Hudson pioneered ladies conferences in the Collinsville/Owasso area and traveled as a guest speaker. In the 80s she had a jail ministry and along with her husband Johnny, began Into All The World Church.  In 2011, with much prayer, she moved in the direction the Lord said to and merged with us...then Miracles of Faith.   Pastor Pat & Johnny loved the Collinsville community and they too are  mighty faith giants for us.

Expanding the vision...

On November 6, 2011 Miracles of Faith and Into All The World merged and became Current with two campuses.
 Our mission deepened to HOPE...
Helping Other People Enter.  We want to be those who help others enter into all God has for them.  It's about a relationship with Jesus so we live that out by being real, relevant, and powerful.
In November 2014  God said 'Now Is The Time' and we broke ground to build a new sanctuary with offices so we'd have just one location.   June 2015 the red iron went up and Easter 2016 was our first service in our existing building.

Where we are headed...

Forward.  We go where God leads.  And that's to our community,  to the mission field, and to a lost and dying world.  We invite you to be a part of what God is doing at Current.  Bring your talents, gifting, and abilities and lay them all on the line for God to use.  He'll be faithful to increase you into becoming all He intended for you to be.
( where we can see God increasing us )
-Family Life Center-
a place where community can gather
-Multiple Mission Teams-
a medical team to Mexico, a team to Kenya, a team to Ireland

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9am & 11am