Mission & Vision

"... We should not make it difficult on those who are turning to God."

Acts 15:19

The Vision

The Mission

The vision of Current Church is to create an atmosphere  where it's easy to enter into the presence of God. We use H.O.P.E. as an acronym: Helping, Other, People, Enter.  Jesus welcomed and befriended all who were willing, and that is exactly what we want to do. We really believe what James wrote in Acts 15:19
..."we should not make it difficult on those who are turning to God."  So no matter where you are coming from, we want to help you enter into a relationship with Jesus where He can guide you into new  life!
The mission of Current Church is to come alongside those who are turning to God and help them to discover the truths  found in Scripture and apply in practical ways to their everyday life. Helping them to become familiar with God's Word and how He directs us by His Spirit. We accomplish this through weekly worship times, Monday prayer meeting, becoming part of our men's and women's ministries, and various opportunities to join and serve on a team, during worship times, in our community, or even in other nations, in order  to Help Other People  Enter.  

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